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Why You Should Donate

According to your budget, time and talents, you can contribute to the health of the Caribbean. You may choose to direct your donation to Childhood Obesity, Non-Communicable Diseases, Regional Health Security and Mosquito Borne Diseases, Climate Change and Health, Health Research and the SETH Fund. On behalf of our Member States, thank you for making a difference.


The CARPHA Foundation offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Persons who get involved can work with the Foundation team to support our public health priorities.

Why Volunteer?

The CARPHA Foundation depends on the generous support of volunteers to help fulfil our mission.

Volunteers can:

  • Help connect with people in communities
  • Work with other people who are passionate about public health
  • Spread the word about the CARPHA Foundation
  • Help the Foundation raise funds to further promote our mission

Contact for more volunteering opportunities.


Sustainable partnerships are based on a shared set of values and are transformative. If you share in the mission and values of the CARPHA Foundation to improve public health and development prospects across the region, we encourage you to partner with us.

Partners can:

  • Support us through in-kind contributions
  • Make financial contributions
  • Facilitate greater effectiveness by bring together experts and influencers to act synergistically

Contact to explore partnership opportunities.


You have the power to inspire action and help shape public policy. Help advocate for the CARPHA Foundation so that others will see the importance of importance of effective public health systems to the social and economic prosperity of the Region.

You can:

  • Tell your story
  • Demonstrate the value of public health
  • Promote the work of the Foundation

Contact if you have an interest in advocacy for the Foundation.

About Us

The mission of the CARPHA Foundation is β€œTo mobilise financial and non-financial resources to support CARPHA in its public health mission of preventing disease, promoting and protecting health, and conducting educational, public health and social welfare activities.”

Contact Info

16-18 Jamaica Blvd,
Port of Spain,
Trinidad and Tobago

+1 868 299 0895