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Understanding the Situation

In 2017, the unprecedented devastation in the Caribbean wrought by Hurricanes Irma and Maria highlighted the vulnerability of the region to the impact of climate change. While emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from the Caribbean region are negligible, the projected impacts of global climate change (GCC) will be detrimental according to the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center. GCC may lead to regional climate change and rise of sea level that may threaten the existence of several Caribbean countries, especially small islands and countries with low lying coasts. This region will therefore be disproportionately affected by CC and some changes in the climate are already apparent such as the rise in temperature. Caribbean countries may be especially vulnerable to the consequences of GCC, due to e.g. lacking services and infrastructure. CC will impact the Caribbean region in many ways due to the projected extreme weather patterns: extended dry periods and drought, increased unseasonal rainfall and floods, increased intensity of hydro-meteorological events, sea level raise, heat waves and extreme atmospheric temperatures.

Where will your money go:

Funds donated to the CARPHA Foundation, will assist in the implementation of the Roadmap.

About Us

The mission of the CARPHA Foundation is “To mobilise financial and non-financial resources to support CARPHA in its public health mission of preventing disease, promoting and protecting health, and conducting educational, public health and social welfare activities.”

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